You shouldn’t be worried about a bill everytime you call your lawyer. 

Making smart decisions often means having competent legal counsel. If you’re too worried about your attorney billing you every time you have a question, important decisions are compromised. At HFL, we’re more interested in building a relationship and educating our clients than we are in running up billable hours. In the long run, this style of relationship benefits us all.

All of your legal needs should be a single phone call away. 

At HFL, we serve as the first call for our clients. While our team can handle most legal issues in-house, we also have a wide network of legal professionals we can turn to for assistance. The benefit to clients is serving as a single point of contact and as the quarterback coordinating all legal efforts in a seamless and affordable way.

The most effective lawyer knows you and your long term goals. 

Relationships- it’s the most important reason for our longevity and success. We take the time to learn about our clients: their businesses, families, goals, challenges, all of the things that combine to impact decisions and plans. Utilizing that knowledge, and putting it in the correct context means we become uniquely qualified to help our clients make the right decisions, at the right time and most importantly, for the right reasons.